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A new beginning in 2021:
After publishing their two albums last year it was quite obvious the next step would be to write some new songs.

30 years on and the magic is still there!

One minor problem…or is it? John lives in Perth, Australia and Martin in Estepona, Spain. Fortunately technology has made it possible to work online and that’s what they are doing right now! Not only writing music but also making YouTube videos.

So let me explain how they go about writing, recording, filming etc.

John and Martin image capture from the video "Out On The Street"

Logic Pro X Software
Lining up the bars

Writing new material:
The magic begins with John. He’s never far away from his piano and always has pen and paper at hand ready to capture a new idea or song. A basic recording is sent to Martin who then imports it into Logic Pro X and time stretches/corrects it to a set tempo. This will make it possible to synchronize drums and other tracks to the mix.

Arrangement and adding parts:
The magic continues when Martin starts making an arrangement with the parts John sent to him. He may add an intro, outro, bridge, solo, harmony etc. to embellish the piece. It’s basically taking a rough diamond and polishing it into a shiny gem of a song! To complete the process the backing track is then sent back to John to record his voice with the new arrangement.

A short before and after example of “Think About The Children”

The Internet:
John and Martin share a great cross platform DAW (digital audio workstation) called Tracktion Waveform 11. They save their work to a shared folder in DropBox. In this way John adds his voice to the mix and then Martin can import it into his computer to complete and master the song. Great stuff!

Edge Of The World

The new album is now available! (6 September 2021)

Five new songs and another five to come very soon.

1. Edge Of The World
2. World Gone Blind
3. Fly High
4. Money In My Pocket
5. Africa

Go to our music albums page to hear the album.

Think About The Children

The very latest mini album is coming out on Spotify and iTunes this week.

The five new songs you’ve been waiting for!

1. Think About The Children
2. A Better World
3. Syria
4. We’ll Be There
5. You Don’t Have To

Go to our music albums page to hear the album

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