Vocals • Keyboards • Guitar

John started his musical career aged 8 singing in choirs. He travelled throughout South Africa performing classical works with them. In this teens he learnt to play acoustic guitar and covered artists and bands like Neil Young, Bread, America, The Eagles etc. Around 1975 John met Martin (who had the same musical interests) and asked him to join his dance band.

At the end of the 70’s, inspired by Supertramp, John bought an electric piano. His playing skills were put to use when he immigrated to Tasmania, performing as resident musician in a restaurant. This enabled him to study music and receive a Diploma in Music Composition in 1985.

Moving back to Cape Town, South Africa in 1990 John met up with Martin again and together they scraped together enough equipment to build a modest recording studio. They started writing music together producing and recording 22 original songs in a short space of time.

By the end of the 90’s Martin had left for the UK and John and his family moved to Australia where he performed as a solo musician, also working with a 6 piece show band. In 2005 John settled in Perth where music had to take a back seat due to family commitments.

Vocals • Guitar • Sax • Keyboards

Martin comes from a very musical family. Growing up he heard all genres of music from classical to jazz, 60’s to current and more! He started out playing guitar and his first payed gig was playing drums in his fathers band at the age of 15. Just out of school he met John with a similar music taste and jumped at the opportunity of joining his band.

In 1980 Martin moved to Holland and quickly met up with local musicians. He played in several original bands but had to fall back on his profession as a technician at the NOS/NOB (national TV & Radio station) to pay the bills!

Martin also moved back to South Africa in 1990. He lived in the small coastal town of Hermanus not far from Cape Town. An ideal location for composing music with John. They very quickly realised how well they worked together.

At the end of the 90’s Martin pursued his musical career in Europe, briefly in Holland and Denmark, ending up in the UK where he performed until 2012.

Martin now lives in Spain and continues to perform solo, in duos and bands. He also has a multi-media studio specialising in music and band promotions.


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